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John Willford
Amazing Sweater

Amazingly crewneck! Quilted square paneling on the inside of the sweater makes it surprisingly warm yet lightweight and comfortable. I haven't gotten it wet yet so I can't say whether or not it'll dry quickly but the exterior of the sweater is very high quality and durable. Oh and did I mention it looks great?!

The Rungne team did a great job creating this high quality functionally diverse crew neck. Thank you!

Mikelis Marnauza
Surprisingly multifunctional

Fabric is really quick drying and although texture (both inside and outside) is uncommon it is quite nice to the skin. It really provides nice amount of warmth but does not leave you sweating + it looks really nice! Highly recommend!

David Van der Vliet
Great sweater

Nice sweater. Good service

Hello David, sorry again for the inconvenience. We wanted to make it right with you. I sent you an email, hoping to hear back from you soon! Thanks - Jasmin

Joe Deakos
Big fan of the crew.

Surprisingly warm for it's thickness and wicks sweat well

Axel Göransson
Really comfortable.

Great shirt, feels really different from other shirts I have had. But in a good way. Can recommend!