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Frank UK
God's Pocket

Great size.
Delivery took no time at all to the UK.
Great material.
Great look.
Guaranteed to make you the sexiest person on the wall.
All in all the best thing I've ever purchased.
Don't let yourself down by not getting your hands on/in one of these.


Got this a few months ago but finally decided to write a review. The size of the bag is perfect, being able to carry a lot of chalk and being wide enough to fit your hand in easily, but not anywhere close to being too big. The denim aesthetic and patchwork with the logo even makes it look cool.

Emil Mattisson
Definitely a favorite

Size is perfect,
price is perfect,
design is perfect,
what more can you ask for?

The best part is that the more people who wear Rúngne merchandise, the more friends you can make at the climbing gym.


Beautifully made and very well designed. The opening is relatively wide so reaching inside is very easy plus it closes tightly too. It got delivered to Switzerland in a really short amount of time. Top!

Great Purchase

Great feel, nice size bag and quality product. I found with other chalk bags, my hand would barely fit sometimes, or other times, the drawstring wouldn’t close all the way. Neither of those are issues with this bag. Also, it took 2-3 days to get it and I live in the USA.

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