How To: Affiliate

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Did someone say Discord Community? Well, yeah, we did that. You see, we have created a very special Discord Community, specifically for our beloved affiliates- and we really want you to join us!

We get it. Creating engaging content can be difficult difficult lemon difficult. That’s the saying- right? Either way, here we have gathered some useful inspo, tips and tricks that you can use to create MAG-nificent content! See what we did there?

Need Some Inspo?

Don’t know where to start? How about checking out some of our influencers! Below you can find some great inspiration. Now it’s only up to your i-MAG-ination! Yep, we just did it again.

First Post

First things first- how do you create the very ✨first✨ post? Well, how about:

  • Sharing a promotional story (get your code and link out there!)
  • An unboxing video
  • Climbing content based around the products (using our tape, chalking up, brushing holds- you name it!)

Tips and Tricks

We might not be MAG-icians (I swear, this is the last time), but we do have some tips & tricks up the sleeve for your content creation:

  • Link & Discount Code in Bio
  • Be genuine in your posts and stories. Share your true experience with the brand’s products.
  • Create short, entertaining videos to showcase products in a fun way.