Boulder Bundle Winetasting
Boulder Bundle Winetasting
Boulder Bundle Winetasting
Boulder Bundle Winetasting
Boulder Bundle Winetasting
Boulder Bundle Winetasting

Boulder Bundle Winetasting

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3x Magdust 1x Load Chalk Bucket Winetasting Denim 1x Chalkbrush

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Ryan Mika

Load Chalk Bucket

Aaron Hancock
Perfect for me

I can comfortably fit both hands in, it also holds my inhaler, phone, and keys (enough space for a wallet if you still carry one).
This is perfect for busy gyms where the security isn't the best as your valuables are always with you!
The fabric is really nice quality, seems like it'll last a while. I prefer the roll and clip top rather than the 'sphincter' type.
The chalk is amazing.
Haven't tried the brush as it's out of stock and arriving later

Sebastian Leyer
Super 👍 mir fehlt bloß die Bürste

Hey , grandioses Magnesium und Boulder Bundle Black! Größe, Material, Verarbeitung alles super! Nur hatte ich das in einem Packet mit Magnesium, Bundle, Bürste bestellt und leider fehlt die Bürste

Robert Quandt
Top marks

The Magdust is far grippier than I expected (even after reading and watching reviews). The quality of the stitching and material, of the bag, makes me think it will take a fair amount of abuse, and with decent care will last a lifetime.

If the brush is a deal breaker (it shouldn't be) don't order the bundle when they are out of stock.


I really liked this bundle. The bucket is like a bleached denim but a bit more light blue. The storage is great with the open pocket in front that has a holder for the brush. I fit tape in there too but more can go in it. The back has a zipper pocket which likely can fit a phone, wallet and keys.
The chalk seems great too, although I am still getting used to it. It sticks a lot better to my hand than the last brand I got (might have been Unicorn dusk.) The chalk came mostly crushed but there were big clumps of chalk too that just need to be crushed up. I personally put two of the 200gram bags into the bucket. I think the smaller waist chalk bag would fit half a 200gram bag. So far I think the chalk has been a help though. My last chalk felt it came off quicker and my hands felt more worn out by the end of a climb.