Chill to Thrill Combo
Chill to Thrill Combo
Chill to Thrill Combo
Chill to Thrill Combo
Chill to Thrill Combo
Chill to Thrill Combo

Chill to Thrill Combo

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Layback Crew Oversized (Size): XS
Highballer Pants (Color): Moon Mist
Highballer Pants (Size): XL
Casual meets adrenaline. Highballer Pants for the climb, Layback Crew Light Grey for the post-climb brews, and a water bottle for hydration. Win-win.

Customer Reviews

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This producy is not only great looking, but very comfy. The material is really nice to touch, ane i love how perfectly it fits in all body positions (the version with the hood unviled my belly (still, hood version is my favourite), this one doesnt)

Parker Newc
Mauve Medium Hoody

I was lucky to have the oversized layback hoodie delivered just before going on a Hueco Tanks climbing trip. With a high of 55F this hoodie was perfect for keeping me warm in the shade and blocking the sun while also not overheating me. I gave many tries on multiple climbs during the trip to Hueco Tanks and was wearing the hoodie the whole time - my movement wasn't restricted by the hoodie and it protected my skin from the abrasive rock. Overall the oversized fit is perfect and the hoodie is super cozy.

Zac M
Extremely comfortable

This hoodie is so soft and comfortable. The quality feels amazing and it is definitely worth the price.

Layback Hoodie Oversized Print

I really love the design, colour and comfort. I would just make the hood a bit smaller because it gets over my face quite a bit (maybe one size smaller would solve this).

worth it!

My expectations were high spending that much money on a hoodie, but very happy I did! This is certainly one of the most comfy hoodie i ever owned and it looks great too! Love it!