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Could This Be the World's Greenest Tee? Let's Find Out!

Hey there, earth-loving friends! If you're on the lookout for a tee that's all about comfort and sustainability, then Rúngnes Sloper Tee has got you covered. This fantastic tee is made from a blend of 50% EcoVero and 50% recycled polyester. Ready to find out why EcoVero is so cool? Keep reading!

EcoVero fabric, what's the deal?

EcoVero is this groovy type of viscose that comes from sustainable wood sourced with Mother Earth in mind. These trees are certified by the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) or PEFC (Program for Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes). Austrian-based Lenzing, a green-loving leader in sustainable viscose, is behind this magical fabric.

EcoVero: Sustainability superhero?

You bet! EcoVero outshines traditional viscose in the eco-friendly department. The trees are from forests near Lenzing's production facilities, so CO2 emissions from transport are cut in half. Plus, it's way kinder to water resources. And with a nifty tracking system, you can follow your fabric's journey from start to finish.

EcoVero's feel-good properties

EcoVero is like a hug from silk—super soft and comfy! The fabric's cellulose fibers work wonders in moisture management, making it breathable and excellent for thermal regulation. It can even absorb four times its weight in water. With its airy nature, EcoVero is perfect for clothes that touch your skin.

The biodegradable bonus

EcoVero comes from wood pulp, meaning it breaks down easily without any toxic waste.

EcoVero vs. other textile fibers

EcoVero's production leaves a 50% smaller eco-footprint on emissions and water than cotton, for example.

Is EcoVero organic?

Absolutely! EcoVero originates from organic wood pulp. Although some chemicals are used to transform the pulp into yarn, the final product is biodegradable.

Breathable EcoVero, say what?

You heard it right! EcoVero's cellulose fibers are designed to regulate moisture absorption and release, making it super breathable and great for your body's thermal regulation. So go on, let EcoVero keep you cool this summer!

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