Magball - Rúngne
Magball - Rúngne
Magball - Rúngne
Magball - Rúngne


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Product description

The most perfect balance between convenience and performance. Meet the Rúngne Magball, a refillable 60g chalkball tailored for climbers who demand more. Offering the right amount of chalk distribution every time you squeeze, Magball ensures you get the grip you need without the mess. Whether it's your first climb or you're scaling new peaks, Rúngne Magball is the reliable partner you can always turn to.

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Customer Reviews

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Lewis Johnston
Best chalk I’ve used

Haven’t used that many chalk brands but I can safely say that this is by far the best!

Joshua Hernandez
First-time Magball Buyer

I love this! I have really sweaty hands. Being able to grab and squeeze something to coat my hands with chalk is a really great feeling. I know that each time I un-squeeze the Magball my hands are coated with chalk and ready for the next hold.

Great Chalk Ball, easy to refill

This is a great chalk ball. The that that it comes with is really nice and it is easy to refill, once empty. The quality seems on point as well. I expect it to last very long.

Daniel R
Try this and never look back.

I bought this when I started climbing, just to start out with something to put inside of my craft chalk bag. I used it every time I climbed, enjoyed it, but didn't thing anything special about it.

However, finally the day came where I ran out of chalk, so I bought my first refill from the brand offered at my local gym (BD). While I cannot say if it has significantly impacted my performance, I definitely miss Magdust. Something feels off, and I find myself chalking a lot more than I usually do.

As soon as my current supply of chalk runs out, I'm definitely returning to Magdust, it just has a better texture, and feels better to me than the alternatives.

Aaron Caldwell
5.16a ball

This ball is a must have, especially for Magdust users. I've been using Magdust for almost a year, which is the best chalk I've ever used and is notably much better than all 4 other brands I've tried. My only ever point of dissatisfaction was the higher end price. Luckily, the Magball is here to save the day!

The ball is porous enough to quickly deliver chalk, but not having it spill everywhere and making too much dust. It is easy to open and close, and does not accidently open with use. The ball works great with Magdust, and has provided a way for me to use chalk more efficiently. I use the ball all the time for bouldering, only requiring loose chalk for those more technical crimps or for filling my pouch for a roped climb.

The Magball is truly a lifehack. It is extremely affordable, and will last almost as long as a pack of Magdust. Most importantly, this will save myself, and you, a lot of chalk (and money) in the longrun. The Magball lets you do more with less. No reason not to have this in your inventory of gear if you enjoy good chalk.