Magdust Chalk
Magdust Chalk
Magdust Chalk
Magdust Chalk
Magdust Chalk
Magdust Chalk

Magdust Chalk

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Customer Reviews

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William Parry
Much better than my last chalk

Perhaps not much of a comparison, but I really like this chalk, it’s really smooth and lasts quite a few climbs. I thought it was coming off at first then I realised if I flap my hands a bit, as the moisture evaporates, the chalk then reappears. Great stuff!!

Simon Burgstaller

The chalk is simply amazing!
Does what it should, Very good!

Maria Eugenia Facchin Ciceri
Very good

Sticks well and stay longer on your hands.

Lukian Fulopp
Best chalk

Best chalk on the market

Diego López
I love it, but...

I'm from Mexico, sorry for using Google Translate. I have been using this chalk for a couple of months, and I love it, my problem is not with the chalk, but apparently it is a suspicious product for my country's customs, they detained it, and now they are asking me for a special permit because Supposedly it is a "supplement for human consumption that requires permission", I don't know where they invented that, but my only option was to abandon the merchandise, it was painful, since there were 8 bags. I only write this so that you are attentive, I don't know if this could happen in other countries but be careful, I love the brand, 10/10 Rugne