Magdust Chalk
Magdust Chalk
Magdust Chalk
Magdust Chalk
Magdust Chalk

Magdust Chalk

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• Grip like a champ: Rúngne Magdust white chunky chalk keeps your paws dry and your grip tighter than a bear hug.
• Sweat, be gone: Humidity? Heat? Let 'em try to mess with your climb, our chalk's got your back.
• Premium stuff: 100% top-notch magnesium, hand-picked by Magnus Midtbø himself.
• No slip-ups: Magdust's mission? Keep your hands dry, grip tight.

Product description

Rúngne Magdust white chunky chalk is specifically made for climbing, helping to keep sweat at bay. No matter how hot or humid it gets, Rúngne Magdust chalk ensures maximum grip and is made from 100% premium magnesium, carefully chosen by Magnus Midtbø. Magdust keeps your hands dry and your grip tight!

Details & Care

• Store it in a cool, dry place.
• Keep it away from liquids – it's like chalk kryptonite!
• Refill your chalk bag, but don't go overboard.
• Sharing is caring, but too much sharing means less chalk for you!

Customer Reviews

Based on 238 reviews
Luken Edwards

I love the magdust Chalk! I have tried a few different options as far as chalk goes but magdust is far superior in every way. I love how it coats my hands and provides fantastic grip.

Brilliant ok

My brother and I spent 25 minutes doing an annoying problem where you had to hang onto a volume, to no avail.
Next session with magdust, we both did it in two attempts.

Leagues better than the chalk we had before.

Michal Arasevi
Now I know how Magnus must smell

He probably doesn't have a scent, since this chalk doesn't. But what it does have is a lot of grip. It lives up to the hype and offers the best grip on the market. I imagine it was forged by viking climbing warriors in the peaks of Jotunheimen, imbuned with the powers of Odin himself. Either that or they just have a very high standard for quality.

Jack Ralls
Best chalk I've ever used

Wow. I did not expect to feel as much of a difference as I did. This stuff is easily the best chalk I've ever used. Definitely will order more packs after I get through these three.

Tristan Kaltenbrunner
It’s amazingly sticky!

Worked very well on indoor and outdoor holds