Rúngne by Magnus Midtbø, Rungne

by Magnus Midtbø

Rúngne chalk bag - blue denim
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I founded Rúngne to create my own line of products, starting with chalk bags. Because I chalk a lot! Chalk bags seemed like an easy product to start with, but finding the perfect size and shape proved to be a real challenge and took longer than expected. I really put my heart and soul into this, as I will with every Rúngne-product.

Whether you're a chalk-addict like me, or just an average “chalker" I hope you enjoy my chalk bags as much as I do!


Outside fabric:
100% cotton

Inside fabric:
Upper part: 95% polyester 5% spandex
Lower part: 100% polyester.

Made in North Macedonia

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rungne splithanger

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The name Rúngne comes from Norse Mythology. Rúngne was one of the great Jötunns. According to the saga, Rúngne was the strongest and most fearless of them all. His armor, weapon, and even head and heart was made of stone.
Rúngne was founded by Magnus Midtbø and is based in Oslo, Norway.