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Magdust Chalk
Best Chalk

I've tried a lot of different chalk, both cheap and expensive. At first I thought there couldn't be much difference. Magnesium is magnesium, but far from it. Even the first slightly more expensive chalks were much better and kept my hands dry for much longer. However, the Magdust Chalk has raised the bar again. Best chalk ever. You only need a minimal amount and your hands stay dry for the longest time. I'm looking forward to testing the new chalk in Silvapark Galtür.
Order and delivery 5 out of 5 stars. Everything great! I will definitely recommend it.
Greetings from Salzburg

Magdust 8-pack
Siim Leier

The best, it holds on for you. Buy the biggest value pack and share with friends.

From Canada

I bought myself a pair of Harness Pants on a whim. Now I'm regretting not purchasing several. I'm genuinely worried that people will start to think I've only got one pair of pants because these are all I want to wear now.

Craft Chalk Bag
Darren Nowakowski

Craft Chalk Bag

High quality and great fit

The material is high quality, it fits well, is comfortable to move in and breathable on hot days - what's not to love!

I also think the old rose colour is a classy change from the overwhelming amount of completely neutral or fluorescent clothes out there!

Dirtbag Tanktop
Christoph Auer
Great product, bumpy order process, but great customer support

The shirt fits perfectly, is well made and the fabric is really comfortable. The size guide worked perfectly for me as a 1.77m / 70 kg male - size s.
The order process was a bit strenuous, as two articels got canceled due to a wrong inventory. This resulted in a long delay in delivery and first i also wasnt able to got a reply from the customer support. After the first reply (which was a little bit too late for my taste), everything resolved quickly. The customer support is polite and caring, they apologized for the hickups and also threw in generuous compensation. I think that was an unfortunate, rare experience and i will certainly order further products from rungne in the future.

Really Nice

This chalk bag is really nice. The closure system is very convenient and easy to use. You can fit a lot of chalk in there, probably at least 500g. The opening is very wide so reaching in with both hands is really comfortable.
It has two pockets: One is open and has holders for brushes, that one is really nice.
The only slightly negative thing compared to the last chalk bag I had is the pocket with the zipper. It would have been nice if the zipper pocket would go the full width of the bag. I couldn't fit my file (for filing down calluses) without cutting it in half.

Boaring Chalk Brush
Vlad Limbean
A nice brush

You can brush stuff good :)

When are they going to make more of these sick hoodies??

I already knew this was going to be the best and best-looking hoodie I ever owned BEFORE I even read the reviews....but you guys are SOLD OUT of every size!

Great chalk, no issues with delivery

Apple Juice
Amazing Juice

Best juice out there.

Layback Crew Oversized
Fits like a (loose) glove

This immediately became my favorite sweater. The length is just right, it's got the ideal amount of baggyness to be cozy, and it's quite warm without being stuffy. I'm not sure what wizardry they're employing in Norway, but it's working; probably infusing it with a combo of Magdust and a hint of Magnus blood (I got the plum truffle color). Rungne has quickly become one of my favorite brands, and it's always fun to see if any fellow climbers recognize it on the streets.

Sloper Upgrade Tee
Julie Lankford
Very happy with this purchase

Thank you! Your products are excellent!

Layback Crew Oversized Print
Ossimi Ziv
Genuinely one of the comfiest crewnecks I own

This crewneck actually surprised me with how good the quality was. I got it one size over recommended (Brown L > M) and the oversized fit is perfect and extremely cozy. The crewneck is super soft and warm when its cold but also airy when its hot. Truly recommend, I expected good quality yet this was a very pleasantly surprising purchase.

Good Chalk, I like the “after” climbing feel it gives

Bought this chalk to try it out, figured I could support the brand as I’ve been watching Magnus’ channel forever. (Although I miss the strictly climbing related content)

I do think the chalk is better than other brands I’ve tried, although I’ve never tried really “high end” stuff. It’s a bit “less dry” than other chalks which I personally like. One of the things I actually look for most in a chalk is how my hands feel AFTER I use it, cheap chalks always make my hands feel super dry and cracky after a session, even after washing them. I feel like that sorts negatively affects how my skin heals / feels for the next sessions, so I pay a lot of attention to it. Overall I think this chalk is better than others I’ve tried in many ways, but for me, the after climbing feel of my hands is probably the biggest praise I can give it.

Harness Pants Mens
Trenton Lawrence
Excellent for Comfort

I bought these for indoor bouldering, but now also use them in Yoga. Seriously they are THAT stretchy and non-binding - they stretch and slide over your knees and legs effortlessly, so nothing ever binds up in the "crux". Men, trust me, these are comfortable for all day climbing, and your .. uhh, "boulders" will thank you!

Magdust 8-pack
Alex LeBlanc
This stuff is the real deal (for me)

I've been climbing a long time and used a lot of different chalk (BD, Metolius, Friction Labs, Frank Endo) and this stuff just hits different. The moment I put it on it felt stickier than all the others. Despite the pain of international shipping, I don't think I'll be buying any other chalk for the foreseeable future.


Perfect Work pants, great quality fabric. I wish you would stock up on large again, will buy more

Craft Chalk Bag
Malachy H
Small Chalk Bag

I absolutely love this chalk bag. So much so that I did a $400 order of Rungne chalk and gear all the way over in Australia. Plus, big fan of Magnus. Thanks Rungne

Magdust Chalk
Christian Bédard
Great chalk

stay longer on the hands

Excellent pants

Really nice and comfy pants. Extremely stretchy and lightweight and also very cool to wear. Excellent training clothes and also quite stylish.

Venture Further Tee
Brittany Solis
great quality, loose fit

Excellent quality. Amazing attention to detail, such as tags. Female, 125lb, 5’2”- XS fits loose on me.

Magdust Chalk
Joey Smith

good chalk, slightly more expensive but worth

Great Chalk Ball, easy to refill

This is a great chalk ball. The that that it comes with is really nice and it is easy to refill, once empty. The quality seems on point as well. I expect it to last very long.

Best Chalk I've Had!

I will not use any other chalk because I've been spoiled by how good this one is. Applies great and it does beyond a great job. My only complain would be that shipping took longer than it said it would and the company wouldn't take responsibility for it. But the chalk is great!