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Daniel Smith
Fantastic book from a fantastic climber

It’s good to be able read about Magnus in the beginning and how he’s got to be where he is now. It’s also inspiring as someone who just started climbing this year. If you love his videos and want to know more about Magnus I’d give this a read it’s a solid book.

Best chalk bucket!

I’ve used some others before but nothing beats this. The magnetic seal at the top to keep your chalk in the bag is my favorite feature and it’s quite spacious.
It’s also got some pockets on both sides of the bucket so you can put a brush or any small items you might need. Would definitely recommend this to anyone seeking a new chalk bucket or if you just want a rúngne one. Also it’s a great color hopefully they come out with more designs soon because I love this one.

Rúngne Climbing Tape
D’Angelo Latorre
Best tape in the world!

Absolutely love the tape ! Tried it out and it is better than any tape I’ve used in the past ! I Have been recommending it to all my friends

Craft Chalk Bag
Leonardo Leyva
Banger Product

I wouldn't expect anything less from this company. Keep up the great work everyone.

Fast delivery to switzerland

Best delivery time, nice chalk, best boulderbag 👌

Best Hoodie ever

I'm not going to lie, this is my favorite hoodie ever, super comfy, really nice fabric, awesome color. Not much else to say, definitely worth it

Highballer pants

I ordered two pairs for my son. They fit great , stay great after washing and they look awesome. Beautiful material . Quick delivery .

Magdust Chalk
Christian Reeves Riopel

Magdust Chalk

Boaring Chalk Brush
Slab Justice Warrior
Slab Justice Approved

One of the best boar hair brushes I've used. Comfortable to brush heavily with and the bristles are rather dense.

Great for brushing chalk off of every hold when you are done climbing.

Magdust Chalk
Mark Smirh
Immediately notice quality

I ordered this chalk as a birthday present (shout out to my wife for the hock up). I was shocked that it got to me in less than a week going overseas!

Immediately notice the difference in quality between this chalk and other brands. From feel to how long it lasts on the hands through routes this chalk is superb. Excited to order more in the future!

Magdust Chalk
Anna Raccio
The Ultimate Chalk

This is my second purchase of the Magdust 4 pack. It's so smooth, stays on your hands during your climb, and doesn't irritate the skin. I won't even bother trying other brands because this is hands down the best one. 10/10


Definitely the best climbing chalk I've used. Feels a lot stickier compared to other brands.

Magdust Chalk
Vanessa Díaz Sánchez

Me encanta este magnesio! va super bien para blocar!

Craft Chalk Bag
Artem Kuchuk
Craft Chalk Bag

Colour is great. Haven't used yet, but fits well and adjustable. You get what you see. Great quality.

Simply the best

Chalk bucket felt really premium, overall love the material, number of pockets and buckle.

The whole item feels really deeply thought about and well designed. Love the blue colour too but would personally prefer a dark green option in the future, though I doubt I’d ever get the chance to buy another with the quality of the bucket. Would 11/10 recommend getting this.

Craft Chalk Bucket
Jakub Hovorka

Craft Chalk Bucket

Craft Chalk Bag
Hanne Sofie Sletten Biørn-lian

Craft Chalk Bag

Mountain Gods Tee
Geir Rune Kristiansen
They see you 👀

Good quality t-shirt 👍

Rúngne Climbing Tape
Vanessa Díaz Sánchez

He tenido la oportunidad de probar vuestro tape haciendo boulder y la verdad, va muy bien! Quizás algo más de agarre le faltaría (se me soltó) pero... Seguiré probándolo!

Magdust Chalk
Andreas Hirschner

Had an absolutely nice day at the climbing gym today with MAGDUST in my chalkbag. I flashed all my projects and reached my new best.
With Magdust slipping is not an option. If u slip anyway its because you are weak :)))

Craft Chalk Bucket
Devin Compton

Excellent quality.
Haven't had a chance to use it.
Got the green before they stopped selling it.
Looks exactly like the picture.
The inside is a felt-ish material, so it holds the chalk from moving too much.
Magnet seal with roll top to keep everything secure.
Love the bag, go Magnus!

Boaring Chalk Brush
Abe Rickhuss
Chalk brush

Amazing brush

Boaring Chalk Brush
Eduardo Ventura
Top notch brush

Perfect size with quality feel!!!

Pleasant handle with a dense amount of bristles that get the chalk and grime off quickly :)

Even as a starter i fell the difference

This chalk is so sticky and yet so smooth and has an insane grip on the holds