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Magdust 3-pack
Luken Edwards

I love the magdust Chalk! I have tried a few different options as far as chalk goes but magdust is far superior in every way. I love how it coats my hands and provides fantastic grip.

Brilliant ok

My brother and I spent 25 minutes doing an annoying problem where you had to hang onto a volume, to no avail.
Next session with magdust, we both did it in two attempts.

Leagues better than the chalk we had before.

Magdust Chalk
Michal Arasevi
Now I know how Magnus must smell

He probably doesn't have a scent, since this chalk doesn't. But what it does have is a lot of grip. It lives up to the hype and offers the best grip on the market. I imagine it was forged by viking climbing warriors in the peaks of Jotunheimen, imbuned with the powers of Odin himself. Either that or they just have a very high standard for quality.

Magdust 3-pack
Jack Ralls
Best chalk I've ever used

Wow. I did not expect to feel as much of a difference as I did. This stuff is easily the best chalk I've ever used. Definitely will order more packs after I get through these three.

Harness Pants Mens
Simon Samuelsson
Awesome pants

Awesome pants!! Great fit and comfortable. Little thinner than imagined but that was not a downside for me at least!!!

Monkey Index Tee
Olli Liljeström
I was surprised

...that the amount of hype was totally accurate. It looks as good as I thought, but feels so much better! And although it's fitting around the shoulders, the back is tall enough to cover my butt crack even when I'm climbing. Or tying my shoes. Or sitting.
Super comfortable Tee 👍

Magdust 3-pack
Tristan Kaltenbrunner
It’s amazingly sticky!

Worked very well on indoor and outdoor holds

Chalk Bag
Finn Dragger
Good stuff

Excellent quality

Magdust 3-pack
Ben Inocencio
Good Chalk

I bought this because I heard the chalk was good. It exceeded expectations!

Magdust 3-pack
Tiberiu Popescu
Addicted to climbing

I am a casual v3-v4 try hard but with the magdust I can do some of V4-V5 but not all of them. Also when you throw the dust in your face it doesn't sting as other products so overall a very good magdust

Chalk Bag
Woolly Mammut
Great bag!

Third chalk bag I've owned and by far my favorite. I have large hands so I'm glad it is a little on the larger side. Inside material feels nice and outside material seems durable. Overall a great bag and would highly recommend!

Magdust 6-pack
Arán Rodrigo
Great product

Have been using It for a week and so far IS the best chalk i have ever used. I'm so happy with my purchase

Very nice chalk

One of the best chalk ever used!

Comfortable, look amazing

Whether I wear these pants out or take them climbing they do the job perfectly, no issues with these pants limiting my movement.

Magdust 6-pack
Kasra Kiaee

Magdust 6-pack

Magdust Chalk
Dimitri Chalkedup

I tried some other cheap chalk before. Can definatelly feel the difference using rungne chalk. Its sticks better to hands, you need less of it to get fine spread over hands. Literally nothing to complain about exept maybe price.

Magdust Chalk
Finn Dragger
No mo sweaty hands

*Warning*: this chalk is aid! My hands are very sweaty, so I always use this excuse when slipping on slopers. Once I got Magdust I finally sent my sloppery project, so I guess I need to find a new excuse when not sending because sweaty hands won't be an issue for me.

Best chalk i've ever had!

Its just amazing, sticks like glue and if you clap your hands it doesn't give out a huge cloud of dust. So it's gym friendly aswell.

Magdust 3-pack
Nicholas Røkenes

Most grippy chalk ive ever used. My and my homies are super happy.

Highballer Pants
Maria Köhler
First thoughts

I really love them, use them both for work and when I climb, very flexible and nice quality 😁

Crag Shorts Mens
Ian Gilmartin

Best shorts I’ve bought and I already have Prana & E9. But these are world class

Highballer Pants
Max Darknell
Comfortable, flexible and smart

Looks great to wear casually and works really well should any spontaneous or hardcore climbing come into it

Climb Kit Blue
Gene Chan
Good quality chalk bag

The brush is missing in the package but got sort out really quick with CS. The overall unboxing experience is great, I could definitely feel the passion of the brand. The chalk bag is very soft as well as the top.

Magdust Chalk
Matthew Hurley
Amazing chalk

This is by far the best chalk I have ever used!

Harness Pants Mens
David Litvak Bruno
Meet all expectations

I had the shorts version of these pants, they fit perfectly, super stretchy and really high quality. With the shorts version the size tool recommended me L, while for the long version it recommended me M, I went anyway with L as I'm happy with the shorts fit, it was the right choice.

If you're a short king (1.69m, 5'6.5") like myself, these pants will run slightly long, so hemming is a must.