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Comfort and Quality

The dedication to quality in these is obsoletely wonderful! From the softness of the fabric to fit on the body these sweats have it all! The zipper pockets (a requirement for any good adventure pant) glide smoothly and don't get caught in their covers. The fit is wonderful for unisex and not too tight in the crotch. I took a risk ordering these to Canada as shipping from out of country is always a toss up. They arrived in only a week and I was happy to see the box was small and wasted no space. 10/10 would order again. Thank you to Magnus and the team at Rungne for the dedication to quality and sustainability! You guys "Rock" and I look forward to my next item I find from you folks! Keep on keeping on!

Magdust Chalk
Paul Zang
It sticks

First chalk I had that realy keeps on your Fingers. Almost Like liquide but doesn‘t dry out the hands that much. I like it a lot.

Magdust Chalk
Great product

No wasting of precious magdust :)
Works as expected no complaints

Amazing shirt

If you’re considering getting this shirt, get it now. These shirts are of the highest quality, they feel good and make YOU feel good. The customer service team is like no other, they will fight for you until the end, and that’s something you won’t find anywhere. I’m 5’11” around 170 lbs and I got an XL for an over size fit.

Highballer Pants
Connor Launchbury

Highballer Pants

Rúngne - Gift Card
Sterre Govaert


Magdust Chalk
Alexandar Kovac
Feels really nice!

My main reason for not using chalk so far as been texture problems. I'm autistic and have thus far avoided chalk, most just aren't 'smooth' enough, if that helps?

This is actually smooth enough that I feel comfortable using it, and it spreads easily enough that I've found myself having to use about a pinch to cover both hands. Which is certainly nice for my wallet :D

Anyway, tested it out yesterday and climbed my highest grade yet! Had a bit of a blast though I definitely went a bit far and ended up tearing my left hand to shreds, which was certainly an unorthodox way to confirm that it grips.

Hope you enjoyed reading as much as I enjoyed climbing yesterday!

Magdust Chalk
Gonzalo Cazorla Zaragozí
I improved my grade by 2 instantly

Best chalk in the market, although is expensive is worth the price in my opinion.
It dries your hands like no other chalk


A really insane tee!

worth it!

My expectations were high spending that much money on a hoodie, but very happy I did! This is certainly one of the most comfy hoodie i ever owned and it looks great too! Love it!

Magdust Chalk
Cedrik Venne
Amazing chalk

I only got to use it once because I sprained my ankle bouldering but the entire time before that it worked amazingly I literally have no issues with it

Harness Pants Mens

Feels like sweatpants, looks like trousers. Stretchy and durable. Seams do not appear or feel to be bursting when attempting deep stretches. Length is slightly longer than optimal but can be shortened by your local tailor.

Sloper Upgrade Tee

Wearing it and then taking it off gives me +1 to grip strength. 10/10 would recommend.

Church of Dynology Sticker

Sticks to surfaces. Does everything a sticker can. Stuck a dyno on a V0 after purchasing. Coincidence? I think not. 10/10 would recommend.

Church Of Dynology Tee
Justin McFadden
It’s the best

It’s a really comfortable shirt and looks really cool. It’s the best.

Just very high quality pants. Fits me very well and allows for good mobility. Feels very light which was important to me.

Sophia Becker

I’ve been using the Magball for the first time today and I’ve been noticing a difference to my previous chalkballs. The consistency of the powder is so much smoother on the skin and it stays on the skin rather than falling off like other products do.


These stickers are great quality and fun to put on your climbing helmet or Nalgene.

Magdust Chalk
Jordan Owens

Magdust Chalk

Magdust Chalk
Ian Tubbs

Works good

Highballer Pants
ricardo velozo
These pants are sooooo good

Perfect fit. Extremely comfortable. Good for any occasion! I’m considering testing as pijamas. I am sure they’ll be just as great!

Magdust Chalk
James Beckner
It was good

The chalk was sticky.

Highballer Pants
Jared Thompson
Swiss army knife of pants

Hands down my favorite pants now. Made very well and much thicker than most pants this stretchy/mobile. I've always lived using chalkbag straps as belts, it's even better built in. The pants are so versatile that I could comfortably wear them to an office job, do the splits, climb a wall, or literally sleep in them. You never realize how constricted and immobile normal clothes make you until you find something like these.

Favorite Hoodie now

The Hoodie has exceeded my expectations in every way. Very soft inside but not sweaty for the skin. Warm but not too warm to wear most days. Super high quality fabric/weave. When they say oversized, they mean oversized. It's big without being too long though. A large Hoodie for me is usually snug enough that I can wear it under other jackets. This one is like a 2x in the ways you want it big, but a normal L in the dimensions that you want it normal, like where the shoulders attach and overall length. Definitely worth the money. Beautifully made

Great Top

Reviews on sizing were accurate, I sized up to an XL and was a perfect fit. Great material would love some more designs. Delivery was a bit expensive as ordered from the UK.