Don't undress for success - Rúngne

Don't undress for success

"You can't climb the wall of success dressed in the custom of failure."

I have reached many life goals with only a pair of worn-out chalky shorts and climbing shoes, but there is some truth to the saying in social and professional settings.

The few times I dress up a little, I feel more confident. Maybe because I rarely wear anything else than very casual wear, I can tell the difference. Instead of making a technical T-shirt, I wanted to make a pique shirt that looks as classy as it feels comfortable.

In making the Highball Polo, we made shirts of a variety of technical pique fabrics from around Europe. I initially wanted a super lightweight fabric with technical properties that keeps me dry and mobile. Our contact in Sofileta convinced us to try a new development from their mill in France - Ascott: a rather heavy Stretch Jacquard knit. Almost three times heavier than the lightest fabric we tested. The feeling of this fabric was fascinating: incredibly soft and an impressive ability to suck up body moisture and evaporate quickly.

The Highball looks quite elegant and "expensive" in how it drapes. In contrast to the light fabrics we tested, it shapes very well.

I never liked the collar of classic polo shirts. They look very flat and curl in opposite directions. There is no way I'm going to iron any of my clothes - ever. So I gave the design team the challenge to make a classic-looking collar that doesn't curl. I learned that the collar is typically made from matching rib-knit fabric that curves easily after wash. We decided to use the primary material and make a classic unconstructed shirt collar. I think the collar looks sharp yet feels very soft. And I don't have to iron it ;-)

Dear friends, do not follow my example and undress for success, but dress up for success ;-) I hope you will get the chance to experience Hardball Polo. It gives a unique feeling, and I think it looks pretty elegant, too.

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