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Challenging as an 8b+

Being famous for taking my shirt off as often as possible on my YouTube videos, it might be surprising that I chose to include a shirt in my collection.

Given that I don’t walk around shirtless most of the time, I wanted to make something that came close to the feeling of wearing nothing. My dream shirt would be something like this:

  • I can use it for outdoor climbing.
  • It should function as a light jacket, for days when a t-shirt is not enough, and a regular jacket is too much.
  • Should, at least in theory, replace most of my lightweight running/ cycling jackets
  • Have a Scandinavian minimalist look

A typical use for me would be biking back and forth to the climbing gym with scattered rain or going straight from outdoor bouldering to dinner with friends.

I will not bother you too much with the tedious details of garment construction and fabric development. But I will tell you this much: It became apparent why my dream shirt was not something I found with a simple google search. The combination of stretchy, light materials and a classic shirt design is tough to manufacture with high enough quality. On top of that, finding a fabric that met my technical and aesthetically requirements was as challenging as climbing an 8b+ boulder while having an argument with my girlfriend on the phone.

As with all products, we did a lot of real-life testing. One feature that I appreciated was the water- and dirt repellent treatment. I usually don't spill coffee, but when my arms are filled with lactic acid, it happens. It just rolls off the fabric. Another feature that really impressed me is how little care it needed. No washing, no ironing, no nothing really. 

Every garment in my collection is designed to let you move freely - on and off the wall. Why do I think that is important? Because I hope it will inspire you to keep moving and use every opportunity to stay active.

The final result is a shirt I proudly recommend to anyone looking for a true overshirt, always ready to make your next move.


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