Magdust 4-pack
Magdust 4-pack
Magdust 4-pack

Magdust 4-pack

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Customer Reviews

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Bailey Howarth
Best there is!

I have extra sweaty hands and sweat through a lot of chalks, I don’t know the science behind it but for some reason I just don’t sweat through this chalk, it’s the best chalk I’ve found!

Serban Groza
Some of the best chalk

Reallyblike the texture and the fact that the bags aren't that big so it doesn't get old, but it's pricey

August Müller
unbelievable good

the best chalk I've ever used and I have been climbing for over 40 years

Klaus Härtner

The transport company keeps telling me every day "delivery the next day".
No chalk has arrived yet so a feedback can't be given. Should I give a feedback about the parcel service you cooperate with it woud be "FAIL". I am frustrated. I wonder if you can do something about ist.

Lasse Johansen
Sticky nice chalk

This chalk sticks a little better to the hands than other chalks i have tested. Very pleased with the product