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Beta Hoodie Mens

Hoodie for climbing, durable, breathable.

$80.00 USD $139.00 USD
Harness Pants Mens

Ultra-light Pants for comfy, durable climbing.

$148.00 USD
Crux Shirt Mens

Light & versatile shirt-jacket

$60.00 USD $99.00 USD
Belay Crew Mens

Durable sweater: warm, sustainable, comfy.

$60.00 USD $99.00 USD
Crag Shorts Mens

Multi-activity shorts: quick-dry, durable.

$99.00 USD
Dirtbag Tanktop

Eco-friendly singlet: sweat-free, comfortable.

$49.00 USD
Magdust Chalk
Magdust Chalk

Premium climbing chalk: maximum grip.

$23.00 USD
Save 9%

Hangboard with an ergonomic design

$79.00 USD $87.00 USD
Chalk Bag

Climbers! Get our unique, soft denim chalk bag.

$49.00 USD
Load Chalk Bucket

Boulder Chalk Bucket with Stable Design & Pocket.

$69.00 USD
Mountain Slayer Tee

Organic Cotton Tee: Design by Robert Høyem.

$49.00 USD
Chalk Addict Cap
Save 41%
Chalk Addict Cap

Cotton/Poly Mesh w/ Illustration by Rodolphe Rena

$23.00 USD $39.00 USD