Double Boaring Chalk Brush - Rúngne
Double Boaring Chalk Brush - Rúngne
Double Boaring Chalk Brush - Rúngne

Double Boaring Chalk Brush

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• Our Boaring Chalk Brush is the perfect tool to help you clean up your act on the wall. Say goodbye to chalky hands and hello to pure boar bliss!

• Made from the hair of a boar, this brush is like having a furry friend help you with your climb. Just don't try to pet it!

• The high-quality wood handle is so smooth, it's like holding a freshly-polished boulder. You'll feel like a true climbing pro.

• With the perfect combination of boar bristles and solid wood, you'll be able to grip those holds like nobody's business. This brush is the real boar deal!

• It's like having a boar and a brush combined into one amazing tool. Who knew climbing gear could be so funny?

• So go ahead, give our Boaring Chalk Brush a try and see how much of a difference it can make in your climbs. We promise it won't hog all the attention!

Product description

Get the most out of your climbs with Boaring Chalk Brush. Made from natural materials and with a beautiful finish, Boaring Chalk Brush offers a solid wood handle and boar bristles that feel great in your hands, and do everything a climbing brush should do: remove chalk dust from holds and make sure you don’t get gooped up with any excess chalk when you’re on the wall.

Details & Care

•First, after each use, make sure to give your brush a good shake to get rid of any excess chalk. It's like a little workout for your wrist.

• If your brush gets really dirty or clogged with chalk, you can give it a bath in some warm, soapy water. Just make sure to rinse it thoroughly and let it air dry before using it again.

• And if you want to show your brush some extra love, you can rub a little bit of wood polish on the handle to keep it looking shiny and new.

Customer Reviews

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Daniel R
Everything you need

This is exactly what you'd expect, a brush. Nothing fancy (except flexing the rúngne logo), nothing special, it's just a solid high quality brush.

The bristles are coarse and firm, it creates a massive cloud of chalk when brushing, it leaves the holds as grippy as new, and makes you look 10x stronger than you actually are (at least for me, 6b climber).
No suprise that it fits perfectly on the craft chalk bag, for peak climbing fashion and utility.

10/10 would buy again (if it ever were to break, which I doubt).

Good brush

A nice versatile brush that lets you get chalk out of the small areas using the pointed edge.