Rockin' the Crag Shorts: One Pair to Rule Them All! - Rúngne

Rockin' the Crag Shorts: One Pair to Rule Them All!

Guess what? I've spent most of my life rockin' shorts, and they've been pretty great for climbing, running, or swimming. But hey, why not have one pair that does it all, right? Less closet clutter, lighter suitcase, and I can dive into the sea after climbing without lookin' like a mess.

Enter the Crag Shorts, our sleek solution. We'd already been working on the Harness Pants, and their sweet Fighter fabric was perfect for these shorts too. Light, quick-drying, moisture-wicking, and stylish? Yes, please! 

The Crag Shorts are like the mini-me of the Harness Pants and let me tell ya, they're super versatile. Great for climbing, no sticky fabric, and maximum mobility. Plus, we added a gusset in the crotch 'cause we've all seen a climber with a, ahem, wardrobe malfunction. 

We made sure these bad boys are "commando-proof" – tough seams and threads that won't let you down. And as swim shorts? They dry super fast! Just don't ask me about my freezing 6°C swim in Lofoten – brrr! 

So yeah, I'm pretty proud of our Crag Shorts, and I know climbers everywhere will dig 'em too.