A pair of shorts to replace them all

A pair of shorts to replace them all

I have almost lived my life in short pants. And most of them have been quite suitable for their specific use: climbing, running, swimming. 

With a less-is-more mentality, I wanted a pair of shorts that do it all. Not only to have fewer garments in my closet or packing less in my suitcase. I would also love the ability to jump into the sea after climbing or go straight to social settings without looking too shabby. 

When we started the development of the Crag Shorts, we had already made samples of the Harness Pants. The Fighter fabric had all the properties we wanted for the shorts. It was light, fast-drying, moister-wicking, and had an elegant appearance. 

The Crag Shorts is a short version of the Harness pants; it has the shortest development time. I have been able to use them in many different settings and climates. As climbing shorts, they feel very light, and they don't stick to the skin. I have full mobility, and there are as few pressure points as possible. As for the Harness Pants, we made a gusset in the crotch to make it stronger. Over the years, I have seen too many climbers with torn crotch in their shorts and pants. That's one reason I don't t climb "commando". 

We have tested and improved the seams and threads until they are strong enough to be called "commando-proof."

As a swimsuit for non-professional swimmers like myself, the only thing I tested it for was how fast it dried up after coming up from the water. I didn't take the time, but it was as quickly as I would expect from swim shorts. Swimming in 6 degrees Celcius in Unstad beach in Lofoten, I fantasized about making shorts with a serious heater ;-)

I am very proud of the Crag Shorts. It has become an excellent product that I know will be enjoyed by climbers around the world.