Boulder Beast Bundle
Boulder Beast Bundle
Boulder Beast Bundle
Boulder Beast Bundle
Boulder Beast Bundle

Boulder Beast Bundle

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Boulder Beast Tee (Size): XS
Highballer Pants (Color): Moon Mist
Highballer Pants (Size): XL
Unleash the beast. Highballer Pants for performance, Boulder Beast Tee for the statement, and a water bottle for the stamina. Go wild.

Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Alexis Huotte
As a woman I thought these would fit better lol

Idk why I thought I’d fit in these lol and I don’t want to pay the money to send them back to Norway.
They fit my legs but were too big on the front part (understandably so).
Absolutely LOVED the texture and flexibility of the pants, but as I said sadly they don’t fit lol if there were woman’s pants I would of been better off I think :)

Stefan Stanchev
Best for everything

They work for every activity

Connor Launchbury

Highballer Pants

ricardo velozo
These pants are sooooo good

Perfect fit. Extremely comfortable. Good for any occasion! I’m considering testing as pijamas. I am sure they’ll be just as great!

Jared Thompson
Swiss army knife of pants

Hands down my favorite pants now. Made very well and much thicker than most pants this stretchy/mobile. I've always lived using chalkbag straps as belts, it's even better built in. The pants are so versatile that I could comfortably wear them to an office job, do the splits, climb a wall, or literally sleep in them. You never realize how constricted and immobile normal clothes make you until you find something like these.