Boulder Boost Bundle - Rúngne
Boulder Boost Bundle - Rúngne
Boulder Boost Bundle - Rúngne
Boulder Boost Bundle - Rúngne

Boulder Boost Bundle

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Boulderheads Tee (Size): XS
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A dynamic duo for serious boulderers. Our Boulderheads Tee sets the style, and a 4-pack of Magdust ensures grip to match. Get your climb and your swag on!

Customer Reviews

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Stephen Bailey

By far the best chalk that I have ever used

niklas gustafsson
Approved by G

i don't know if it's the best chalk in the world, but it was very nice :)

Sonny Trigg
The best!

This stuff really is the best

Like Glue!

If Spiderman had a hidden secret it would have been this chalk!
I've always been a loyal friction lab user, but after I gave this one a shot, im converted. Friction lab dries my palms, but it also give the polar opposite to what friction is! Magdust not only stays on my hands longer and keep them dry, but the stickiness is just insane! Makes me super confident climbing on slopers, and it's just my skills holding me back. Makes me think considering how good this chalk is, that professional climbers 100% got to be replacing their sponsored chalk with magdust, im certain. I've recommended my friends feel the difference with one hand in magdust and the other in friction lab chalk. Everyone is saying, that they used to chalk up when they started to feel sweaty, but now they chalk up for grip! It's hard to describe the level of quality this chalk provides, you kind of need to feel it for yourself, but all in all, it's 100% worth every penny! 10/10

Justin Valco
My kind of style!

Used it for a couple sessions now and have been trying out different chalks. My personal biggest issue was chalk that felt soft and felt like. Magchalk I can feel the soul sucking sticky dryness come into my skin and has been a wonderful time climbing with! Feel more confident to try out new maneuvers without feeling like my chalk will fail more or hesitant.