Magdust 6-pack
Magdust 6-pack
Magdust 6-pack
Magdust 6-pack

Magdust 6-pack

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• Grip like a champ: Rúngne Magdust white chunky chalk keeps your paws dry and your grip tighter than a bear hug.
• Sweat, be gone: Humidity? Heat? Let 'em try to mess with your climb, our chalk's got your back.
• Premium stuff: 100% top-notch magnesium, hand-picked by Magnus Midtbø himself.
• No slip-ups: Magdust's mission? Keep your hands dry, grip tight.

Product description

Rúngne Magdust white chunky chalk is specially formulated for climbing, preventing sweat buildup for ultimate grip. With 100% premium magnesium, selected by climbing pro Magnus Midtbø, Magdust guarantees maximum hand dryness and grip even in the most intense conditions.

Details & Care

• Store it in a cool, dry place.
• Keep it away from liquids – it's like chalk kryptonite!
• Refill your chalk bag, but don't go overboard.
• Sharing is caring, but too much sharing means less chalk for you!

Customer Reviews

Based on 239 reviews
Danielle H
Best chalk I've ever used

Title says it all. I've used multiple different types of chalks over the years but this one is hands down my favorite.

Luken Edwards

I love the magdust Chalk! I have tried a few different options as far as chalk goes but magdust is far superior in every way. I love how it coats my hands and provides fantastic grip.

Brilliant ok

My brother and I spent 25 minutes doing an annoying problem where you had to hang onto a volume, to no avail.
Next session with magdust, we both did it in two attempts.

Leagues better than the chalk we had before.

Michal Arasevi
Now I know how Magnus must smell

He probably doesn't have a scent, since this chalk doesn't. But what it does have is a lot of grip. It lives up to the hype and offers the best grip on the market. I imagine it was forged by viking climbing warriors in the peaks of Jotunheimen, imbuned with the powers of Odin himself. Either that or they just have a very high standard for quality.

Jack Ralls
Best chalk I've ever used

Wow. I did not expect to feel as much of a difference as I did. This stuff is easily the best chalk I've ever used. Definitely will order more packs after I get through these three.